Travel to Geumsan

Geumsan, South Korea, which is one of the top 3 areas in all of Korea that provide finest Korean traditional, oriental, and medicinal ingredients. This area in Korea is also one of the largest producers of ginseng extract, camellia oil, and calamus sap.

Geumsan Travel

The centre of the Korean ginseng business is Geumsan County, which despite its diminutive size handles 80% of the country's ginseng trade. There are hundreds of stores, from mum-and-dad operations to wholesalers, and you’ll find ginseng sold raw (susam) as a potent extract, and in soap, tea and candy.

  • Geumsan Ginseng Market

    Geumsan is widely known as the largest ginseng market in Korea, holding 80% of the nation’s ginseng trade. Along with its enormous ginseng industry, Geumsan is also rising as the largest herbal medicine market in the country. The Geumsan Ginseng & Herbal Medicine Market is a traditional market with a long-standing history, offering a variety of health products at its international market, Susam Center, Ginseng Medicinal Market and shopping center.

  • Geumsan Insam (Ginseng) Festival

    Geumsan Insam Festival is held annually in Geumsan-gun, the largest production region of ginseng in Korea. Growing both in content and in size, the festival was selected as a cultural and tourism festival by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Sports in 1996 and became established as a national festival. With the rising popularity of the festival, the marvelous effects of Geumsan ginseng have become known throughout the nation, drawing an increasing number of local and foreign tourists every year. The festival also holds special exhibitions and sets up booths where people can try some of the various health therapies. Aside from the exhibitions, exciting events, performances, and delicious food are sure to please visitors.

  • Geumsan Ginseng Museum

    Geumsan is home to 1,500 years of Korean ginseng cultivation. More than 80% of Korean ginseng is cultivated here. To spread the excellence of Korean (Geumsan) ginseng across the nation and the world, ginseng cultivation implements and models, efficacy, foods, and other products containing ginseng are on display in this museum. Visitors can also watch ginseng-related videos to gain a better understanding of Korean ginseng.